MVP (Most Valuable Person)

Let's keep this simple. We want to give, that’s what we do. Give something useful, something usable. Included is a Collector’s Edition S’well bottle in Teakwood, Catherine Rising Upstate Soap in Cedar and Sage, and a Smudge stick of Pinon Pine and Sage with Salenite and Palo Santo.



S’well bottle, 17 oz, 18/8 stainless steel reusable thermal bottle, hand-wash, color: Teakwood

Large Smudge Stick, one of a kind 5-6” long Sage and Pinon bundle, Salenite and Palo Santo wrapped with cotton floss, made in USA.

Upstate Soap in Cedar and Sage:local goat's milk soap in hand blended fragrances, wrapped in hand made seeded paper, which when planted, grows wildflowers. Soap: olive fruit oil, coconut oil, water, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, goat milk, essential oils  

  • $85.00