Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher will help prepare you for a restful night of sleep and dreams. Sweet Dream Spray can be used for scenting bedding and room, two Del Jardin Natural soaps with their beautiful hand made soap dish, sooth body and mind when bathing. The cup with a blended chamomile tea clear the mind before reading the book on Dreams. Awake inspired and refreshed, but don’t forget to jot down your dreams from the night in Elizabeth Grubough’s hand made journal.



Book: “Dreams: How to Connect with your Dreams to Enrich Your Life” pp.160

Two hand made in Texas Del Jardin NaturalsSoaps: Lavender Oat and Bengali Moon, saponified 100% mix of vegetable, coconut, olive and argan oil, with essential oils, organic oats and purified Texas Hill Country water.

4 in dia. Glazed pottery soap dish hand made in Turkey

64 page, 6in x 8in, FSC certified paper, blue Lawn Notebook from artist Elizabeth Grubough.

Species by the Thousands 2 oz. Sweet Dream Spray: organic essential oils include witch hazel, bergamont, lavender, sweet orange, sweet marjoram.

Avenida Tea Cup: Brilliant Blue with Hare, hand glazed ceramic, 3.5in x 3.5”

Smith Teamaker: caffeine-free Meadow Blend Herbal, 15 sachets, .85 oz., Portland, OR

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