Body Healer

Body Healer is all about supporting you, both, inside and out. The basket includes a Weekly Self Care Journal, a Del Jardin Naturals luxurious body lotion, a Floral Smudge stick to cleanse your mind and environment, a Bento Bowl to pack full of a fresh salad for lunch outside, and a S’well thermal bottle to carry your fresh drink, keeping it hot or cold.



Book: “Weekly Self Care Journal”

Del Jardin Naturals body lotion 4 oz. herbal infusion of Olive, Sesame and Non soy vitamin E oils, organic Rose Tea and essential oils.

Large Floral Smudge Stick,  one of a kind 5-6” long sage bundle, with vintage cotton floss, 5 dried spray roses, made in USA.

Takenaka Bento Bowl, color: Serenity Blue, 33.81 fl. oz., size: 6.89”x3.98”, Body: PET, Lid: ABS, micowavable (body only) and airtight seal and lockable top, dishwasher safe.

S’well bottle, 17 oz, 18/8 stainless steel reusable thermal bottle, hand-wash, color: Blue Granite

  • $150.00